Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Fermentation Notes

8/19 Added metabisulphate as we crushed the sangiovese/merlot mix. Started cold soak. Temperature dropped to 55 degrees.
8/20 Continued cold soak; removed cooling coil at night.
8/21 Added yeast; fermentation started; temperature was still very cool.

8/21 Added metabisulphate as we crushed the Cabernet mix. Started cold soak.

8/22 Continued cold soak of Cabernet mix. Sangiovese continued to ferment.

8/23 The temperature of the Sangiovese/Merlot mix rose to about 85 degrees.
Cooling was reinitiated. Added yeast to Cabernet mix.

8/24 No change. Kept cooling the Sangiovese mix.

Sangiovese/Merlot Mix - Sugar: 15 Brix
Cabernet Mix - Sugar: 22 Brix

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