Monday, November 10, 2008

August 14, 2008 Making Perote Blend

We picked approximately 80 kilos of mixed red grapes. After Mr. Possum’s visit, our harvest was greatly diminished, but the grapes were in excellent condition. There was no rot. The only problem was that some of the grapes were beginning to raisin. Note to self: Don’t plan vacations around harvest time because those little grapes can reach optimal ripeness overnight.

Statistics at picking:

California Cab: Sugar 29; Ph 4.2

Argentina Cab: Sugar 29; Ph 3.9

Cab Franc: Sugar 28; Ph 4.1

Merlot: Sugar 27; Ph 4.2

Acid Adjustment – We added enough acid to raise the acid level 1.5. The ph went up. FRUSTRATING!

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