Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jardin Botanico 2013

Chardonnay  July 10, 2013

Antonio brought 46 pounds. =  21 kilos.  Lots of bird damage.

Brix 19
Ph 3.33
Acid 7.6

Chardonnay  August 13, 2013

Racked wine into a clean 3 gallon carboy.  Added just slightly more than 1/8 tsp. metabisulfite.

Merlot  July 16, 2013

173 pounds = 78.5 kilos.  Significant bird damage.  The choice was to pick the grapes before they were ripe or lose the entire crop to birds.

Brix 20
Ph 3.33
Acid 9.6
The acid is extremely high.  Normally when acid is this high, the wine is treated with potassium bicarbonate. We do not have any.  It can also be used to blend with a low acid wine.  Without some modification, it would be undrinkable.

Tempranillo   July 16, 2013

18 pounds  = 8.2 kilos.  Significant bird damage.
Brix 24

With so little volume, we did not check for Ph or acid.

Syrah      August 2, 2013

234 pounds = 145 kilos
Brix 22
Ph 3.38
Acid 6.8

The sugar is a little low, but the other numbers are right where they should be.

There was some bird damage, significant in areas where the nets do not adequately cover.  I estimate that the loss this year could be as high as 25 kilos.

December 30, 2013

Syrah was racked into three 5 gallon carboys, and one 6 1/2 gallon carboys.

One five gallon carboy was treated with 1/4 tsp metabisulfite and was bottled in 1 1/2 liter bottles for Eduardo.

Remaining carboys were treated as follows:  A scant 1/3 tsp was added to the other two 5 gallon carboys
1/3 tsp was added to the 6 1/2. All three carboys were treated with bentonite.  They are labeled and under the work table.

Cabernet Sauvignon - August 7, 2013

418 pounds = 189.6 kilos
Brix 25
Ph 3.38
Acid 6.8

These vines were covered with bird net and it shows!  The grapes were in excellent condition.  The yield was just what it should be.  No bird damage!  The numbers from the lab are excellent!

Cabernet Sauvignon - August 15, 2013

Pressed grapes.  Primary fermentation was complete.  Stanley started the malolactic fermentation.
Added about 15 gallons of wine to the Hecho a Mano storage tank.  14 gallons went into the small vendimia barrel, and 6 gallons went into a glass carboy.  The remaining juice - less than two gallons - went into the Sangiovese.  Approximately 37 gallons of wine in all.

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