Friday, August 27, 2010

Red Wine Press 2010

August 27 - The Sangiovese/Merlot Mix
Brix - 1.0

Time to Press.

Step 1 - Pour the must (all the grape skins, seeds, and juice) into the press.

Step 2 - The juice pours out. The seeds and skins are trapped in the basket. This juice is called "free run." It is the best of the juice and is often aged separately from the pressed juice.

The juice goes into the white tank for several weeks to allow the remaining particles to settle and for malolactic fermentation to progress.

Step 3 - This is a ratchet press. When the basket is full, blocks are placed on top of the skin/seed mass and pressure is applied until all juice has been extracted.
Step 4 - The basket is removed. The mass of compressed berries is called a cake. The wine maker determines if the cake has enough remaining juice to justify a repress. If so, the cake is broken up and put back in the basket to be pressed again.

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