Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Racking the Red

We racked red wine this morning. Here's what we did.
The wine from Aguascalientes was in an 80 gallon Flextank in the bodega. We pumped out 50 gallons into a clean 50 gallon Flextank, added oak chips and metabisulphate, and left it in the bodega.

We brought the remaining 30 gallons to our little winery and pumped it into a clean 50 gallon Flextank. We added the 30 gallons of our local wine from the oak barrel making 60 gallons in a 50 gallon tank. Pretty clever, huh? Obviously the 80 gallon Flextank doesn't quite hold 80 gallons or the 50 gallon tank holds more than 50. We added oak chips and metabisulphate.

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